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Oh, yeah, baby!  Finally!  My 2014 3DN novella, The Longest Con, is finally in Pre-Order at a special discount price of $1.49.


Covers By Christian

Let me have a moment here to stare at this wonderful Cover by Christian.  Mmmmm.  Damn, it looks good!

Let me say first that I appreciate everyone that has preordered this already, and thank everyone who is thinking of dropping a buck and a half on my work.  Please comment and review–I want to know what my audience thinks about my work.

Here’s the link to Amazon for the book.

NOTE: I will be sitting down Feb 18-20 to write another tale (NOT a sequel) set in the same universe, so yes, there will be more.



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Just a short note, because I really have to get my head into this:  3 Day Novel begins at midnight.  Follow (if you dare) the maniacal crew from all over the US and Canada (and the world) as we try to write a 30k novella in 72 hours.  http://SmartURL.it/3DN_ChatZone

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Well, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, and with it, another 3 Day Novel effort. This year, well, it wasn’t nearly as much satisfying as previous years. I’m not entirely sure why, though.

Maybe it was the length. At 21k, it was my ‘lightest’ effort yet. I don’t quite see how they could ever sell this as a ‘book’–it’s barely 100 pages long. My previous low mark for a 3DN was 25.5k. The story is only going to be as long as the story takes, though. I wasn’t about to fluff it up just so there’s more to read.

Maybe it was my writing speed. My first 3DN, I was running about 1250 WPH, whereas back then, my ‘normal’ pace was 1500. This one was just as slow, but my ‘normal’ speed is really up around 1800 wph. So, instead of going at 80% speed, I was going at 67%. It felt slower, and thus, more painful. I remember thinking I had lost my mojo…I was faster than this!

Finally, there was the subject matter. It was interesting to me, but it lacked something. Maybe because it was the written recasting of a long con that a TV series had explored, based on a movie, itself based on a book. Sure, the setting was novel, but the essential elements were not.

Well, it’s done and submitted, and all I have to do is wait. But I have no illusions–if it was this painful to write, I know it’s going to be painful to read. Well, we’ll know by 1 March.

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Well, National Novel Writing Month is over (except for the TGIO party in 11 hours), and I will have a bit more time to devote to writing.  Some status updates are in order:

National Novel Writing Month I am the Municipal Liaison for the Central NJ Region of NaNo.  This involves plenty of things, thus taking time away from writing and other writerly chores.   I also, as the ML, also have to write a 50k novel.  For that, I have chosen to work on expanding my 3DN Riddled Space entry from 2010 to a full-blown novel.  Instead of rewriting it, I chose the strategy of writing bachstory and redoing some scenes, with the intent of redrafting the novel from scratch, pasting it up from those two source documents.  I’ll document how it’s working here.

DOV Test Flight: It was submitted to an agent I met through Pitchaplaooza.  Although they didn’t work in the book’s genre, the pitch appealled to them, and they offered to read it and pass it on.  I got the feedback Thursday, and it was, on the whole, very positive.  Although they and their agency did not deal in SF/Fantasy, I received not only two further references, but permission to use their name when pitching to one of the references.  That is huge.  DOV may still fail to get representation even with that boost up the ladder, but the best part came with the closing line: “You’re a terrific writer and I’m sure you’ll find a good home for this.”  That is the next major task: researching the agents and sending DOV out.

Submissions:  I’ve been exceptionally lax in this area, what with getting DOV flight-ready and doing the whole NaNo ML gig.  But I did generate a Ray Bradbury pastiche that I am moderately fond of, and sent it off with six hours to spare.  I have not been as assiduous with getting my previously rejected works back out on the street, with the exception of my Poe story.  I sent it off to a market with a rather quick turn-around time, but they kept it for about three weeks.  That either meant that they were thiiiiis close to accepting it, or it was stuck behind the electronic filing cabinet and they found it, like a 1943 postcard lost in the post office.  Well, Poe is back, and I’m thinking of where to send it next.

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In a little less than three hours, I’ll be immersed in the 3 Day Novel challenge once again.  This will be different from the last two, since all I really have is a good idea.  The first year, I did a massive amount of plotting and calculation and such.  Year two, less hard SF, I did just the plotting.  This year, it’s not even SF at all, and there’s only a chapter outline.

Wish me luck–I’ll need it.

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