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I’ve gone ahead and crossed out the steps that I have already taken to set myself up as an independent author.  Now I am down to the last two:

  1. Create a Amazon KDP account.
  2. Panic because I forgot something.

I am actually somewhat pleased with myself–I have almost a whole week to plot my 3 Day Novel entry for this year.  I know I’ll have to do some research, but I had to be ready to leap when the publication date for Paradisi Chronicles gets set.  So, I am testing BookFunnel now by spamming my friends.  I really hope it goes well.

Did you miss the signup for my newsletter?  Click here, and you’ll be part of the launch of my indie career, and read some fiction that you might just like.  Some stories are going to only go out to newsletter subscribers, so don’t be left out.



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Remember, way, way back, when I said that I was going to really push for traditional publishing?  Well, I still am.   Most of the reason was marketing.  I’m an author, not a salesman, I say.  And to an extent, that is still the case.  However, when I stumbled into the world of the Future Chronicles and Chronicle Worlds:Paradisi, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to launch an indie career as well.  After all, every single FC anthology that Samuel Peralta has launched has hit #1 in the Amazon SFF Anthology ratings.  With that many eyes getting the anthology, and perhaps even reading my work, it would be a tremendous waste not to have something else of mine for the readers to sink their teeth into.  And it has to be ready before the anthology launches.

Thus, this list.  Here’s a number of things I have to do before the end of August, which is when Paradisi is scheduled to launch.  I am posting this as a public checklist for my benefit as well as a guideline for others who might wish to follow me.

  1. Set up a mailing list via MailChimp (cheap for now.  Might have to move to AWeber later)
  2. Using the link for my newsletter, complete my blurb and Author Notes for that story and get the list to Samuel Peralta, the anthologist.
  3. Put the link on this blog (in case someone is moved to sign up)
  4. Write a newsletter (what a concept!)
  5. Set up a BookFunnel account, so I can send out the freebie stories that I am promising my subscribers.
  6. Format the freebie stories.
  7. Get a cover for the freebies!
  8. Convince someone from here to sign up for my newsletter, so I can test the whole thing out. (I’ll test it out first, I need a second tester)
  9. Format the next paying story (God’s Sandbox)
  10. Create a Amazon KDP account.
  11. Panic because I forgot something.

If anyone notices something I’ve forgotten, please let me know.

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I did an update on the THT blog.  Yes, there’s a blog for the book.


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So, you thought the blog was defunct, right?  No–only my posting behavior to this blog was off.  However, several things have occurred that further put me off my feed since July.  Brief list:

  1. My brother, John Patterson, passed away with no warning, on October 18th, 2015.

That affected everything.  He was not married (although he tried mightily), and had no children (because he was a responsible man).  My two remaining siblings live on the West Coast, and my mother is in her 80s and not doing well.  Thus, I am the executor of his estate.  Big job, it is.

Then came November and NaNoWriMo hit.  As the Municipal Liaison, I had a duty to make my 50,000 words, come hell or high water.  I did.  Oh, it was utter crap, but I still did it.  Why?  I had a perfect out–14 of the 30 days of November, I was down at my brother’s house, working on estate stuff.   I was counseled to take the pass and concentrate on estate stuff.

Nope.  Two reasons:  John would not have wanted me to slough off NaNo and my ML (and ML Mentor) responsibilities–he was not an author himself, but he used to send me all kinds of encouragement to keep writing.  Second, I had a golden opportunity to demonstrate that it is possible to write 50k even when a major life event has occurred.

December came, and the estate stuff got worse (if possible).  It’s January now, and I have a bit more breathing room.  Then I read Hugh Howey’s extremely excellent blog post:  So You Want to be a Writer…  In that, one of his mandatory steps is to write a blog entry every day.  I will ramp up to that, this is the first step.  Things will be busy the next two days, then I’ll post to catch everyone up.  There have been Happenings.


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It occurs to me that some of the writing I have to flense in The Honorable Thing (THT) isn’t really all that bad.  Oh, I’m not going to spend time polishing it, it’s just writing that can’t or shouldn’t be part of the finished work.

It’s writing that will get thrown out.  And that, sometimes, is a shame.

Rather than fling it into the bit bucket, I figure, why not let other folks read it?  After all, I’m never going to get paid for it, it matters not if I give it away online, as long as the piece does not encumber the manuscript’s status as ‘unpublished.’

So, I put in a new page in the THT blog, Deleted Scenes.  Should be interesting.

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Which is something I haven’t been doing lately.  By that, I mean writing posts.  You might have written this off as a moribund blog (one of millions), and to a certain extent, you are right–I’ve not been maintaining it as much as I should be.  There is, certainly, a reason.

I’ve finally finished parting out The Honorable Thing.

What that means:  Over the course of four (that’s right, FOUR) NaNoWriMo events, I wrote the incredible mass of verbiage that is The Honorable Thing.  I erased nothing: every false start, do-over, go-back-three-chapters-and-try-again was retained.  This was done for several reasons, the most shallow of which was to keep my word-count up. 

It also meant I had 219,000 words written for a 70,000 word novel.  I had to get this monstrosity onto the literary version of Biggest Loser, and fast!  Enter Scrivener.

Everyone I know raves about this program.  So, with a 30 day trial, I figured, what do I have to lose?  Besides the month, and I wasn’t really getting anything done anyway.  So, I loaded the whole fetid landfill into Scrivener and began

For each scene (and I read them all), I wrote a short one-line synopsis and created a short document.  (Control-K.  Wonderful tool)  It took me some time, because I had to read the stinking thing, and 219k isn’t a lazy weekend read. 

I have 183 scenes.  Some two dozen or more are do-overs, so it’s pick one over the other.  Some scenes are 400 wors long, one is 5,000.  Some I absolutely know are in, others, just as certainly, are out.  The rest are in the vast gray.  And so comes the rebuild of THT. 

Head over to my blog for The Honorable Thing, and I promise I will post the blow-by-blow building of this (hopefully) epic tale.

The scenes that get cut?  They might just be reworked into character sketches, additional blog fodder, and setting descriptions.  Everything one needs to know everything THT.

Thanks for hanging with me, folks.

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Platform, Platform

One of the things that a prospective novelist should do is create, extend, and promote their platform.  There are many, many areas where an author can builld a platform.  WordPress is one.  Facebook and Twitter, of course.  Another good area is GoodReads. 

Quite simply put, Goodreads is the IMDB of books.  One of the metrics users look at is your book list.  So, what I am doing throughout the month of June (starting tonight) is listing all of the books in my physical bookshelf.  I started tonight, fairly randomly, with Larry Niven.  I have read a LOT of his books, and I have noted that in my shelf.  Problem is, for right now, it seems that all I read is Larry Nivem books.  I’ll hit all the major authors first, then go from top to bottom in the shelf, listing them all out.  Last time I tried to count, it was something like 600 books in there.  I hope to finish it up in the June timeframe.


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