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Subject to change, of course!

Under the gentle prodding of other Indie authors, I have finally put together a launch schedule for the rest of the year.  All of these dates are subject to change, of course, and it’s always a good idea to sign up for my newsletter (http://SmartURL.it/BillsWorlds) to get all of the latest info.

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Well, National Novel Writing Month is over (except for the TGIO party in 11 hours), and I will have a bit more time to devote to writing.  Some status updates are in order:

National Novel Writing Month I am the Municipal Liaison for the Central NJ Region of NaNo.  This involves plenty of things, thus taking time away from writing and other writerly chores.   I also, as the ML, also have to write a 50k novel.  For that, I have chosen to work on expanding my 3DN Riddled Space entry from 2010 to a full-blown novel.  Instead of rewriting it, I chose the strategy of writing bachstory and redoing some scenes, with the intent of redrafting the novel from scratch, pasting it up from those two source documents.  I’ll document how it’s working here.

DOV Test Flight: It was submitted to an agent I met through Pitchaplaooza.  Although they didn’t work in the book’s genre, the pitch appealled to them, and they offered to read it and pass it on.  I got the feedback Thursday, and it was, on the whole, very positive.  Although they and their agency did not deal in SF/Fantasy, I received not only two further references, but permission to use their name when pitching to one of the references.  That is huge.  DOV may still fail to get representation even with that boost up the ladder, but the best part came with the closing line: “You’re a terrific writer and I’m sure you’ll find a good home for this.”  That is the next major task: researching the agents and sending DOV out.

Submissions:  I’ve been exceptionally lax in this area, what with getting DOV flight-ready and doing the whole NaNo ML gig.  But I did generate a Ray Bradbury pastiche that I am moderately fond of, and sent it off with six hours to spare.  I have not been as assiduous with getting my previously rejected works back out on the street, with the exception of my Poe story.  I sent it off to a market with a rather quick turn-around time, but they kept it for about three weeks.  That either meant that they were thiiiiis close to accepting it, or it was stuck behind the electronic filing cabinet and they found it, like a 1943 postcard lost in the post office.  Well, Poe is back, and I’m thinking of where to send it next.

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I admit, the calendar is a little lean.  Here’s a screen shot of my Duotrope.com deadlines through the end of June.  The second entry is just a little too much for me, given that I have the DOV edit that is already two weeks late, and the Riddled Space novel that is due at the end of June.  So, I’m going light on the short work submissions for now, and concentrating on the long form work until the end of June.

Status: Six in the queue, including ABNA, which decides on 3/20.  I should have a decision on two others in about two weeks, and a third in six weeks.  The fifth, I haven’t the foggiest when that’s going to be decided.

Back to DOV….

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Yeah, I foobed it with 3Day.  The good thing, though, is that I now have another universe, although a slightly cramped one, within which to write stories (see The Siren’s Consort in Bill’s Worlds).  A short story is currently out in a market, awaiting a decision.

The point here is I could be sitting around, sucking my thumb about whiffing at the 3DN contest.  Instead, I not only put one of the Molokai books into ABNA just now, but I entered a Riddled Space story for an annual award contest. 

It doesn’t matter how often you get knocked down, it matters how often you get back up.

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The biggest reason to buy this book is because 100% of the proceeds are being donated by JournalStone to purchase medical equipment for Rocky Wood, President of the Horror Writers Association, who has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 

Another reason is you will find my very first story, “Roque’s Requiem” on page 143.  It’s part of the Riddled Space series, first begun during the 2010 3DayNovel contest.

Disclaimer:  I don’t get a dime if you buy one book or twenty.  I got Honorable Mention, so I missed out on the bux.  But do buy a book – ALS is a terrible way to go, and Rocky should get whatever help he needs from the good folks at JournalStone.

Do buy yourself a copy.  Here’s the Amazon link.

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