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One of my writing endeavors is Three Day Novel (www.3daynovel.com).  Two of us submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest (ABNA), me and CatRad.  Well, the Semifinalists were posted today, and sadly, CatRad didn’t make the cut.  Darn.  I was so hoping one of us would last to the Semis.  (I got whacked at the Quarters)

Sorry to see you miss the cut, CatRad.  Let’s go after them again next year!


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Adios, ABNA

And so comes the end of the road for ABNA.  I made the second round, and failed at the quarter-final level.  It sorta clears the mind, however.  I won’t be sweating the 24th of April, for instance, when the Top 50 are announced.

It was a fun month, though, imagining that I had made the top 1k out of 5k.  I will probably always drop something into the contest because a) it’s free, b) winners get published.

The only thing still unresolved is the reviews, which are supposed to be posted on the 18th, and still aren’t up.  I really want to see what the reviewers thought.


EDIT:  Well, I received one lukewarm review, and one fairly mean-spirited review.  In that last one, the reviewer had concerns with the premise, then spent the rest of the space mocking my text.  There’s been many splenetic riffs on the Amazon Vines Reviewers, I won’t add to them.  The challenge, as I see it, is to hone my craft.  There’s always next year.

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I admit, the calendar is a little lean.  Here’s a screen shot of my Duotrope.com deadlines through the end of June.  The second entry is just a little too much for me, given that I have the DOV edit that is already two weeks late, and the Riddled Space novel that is due at the end of June.  So, I’m going light on the short work submissions for now, and concentrating on the long form work until the end of June.

Status: Six in the queue, including ABNA, which decides on 3/20.  I should have a decision on two others in about two weeks, and a third in six weeks.  The fifth, I haven’t the foggiest when that’s going to be decided.

Back to DOV….

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Another couple of rejections.  Well, that’s what happens when you enter international competitions – there’s only one winner.  I guess that means there are two more stories that need to get sent out into the world.  Let’s head into Duotrope.com to find a home for them…

I am now left with five submissions in the queue.  Here’s the breakdowns

  • ABNA.  That’s gonna hang around until 3/20, when the next cut shows up.
  • One’s been shortlisted to a pro mag (yay!), the final decision is end of April
  • One’s in a small market that should have completed shortlisting 2/29.
  • Another market is beset with a lot of issues amongst the editorial staff, expect another month of waiting.
  • The last one is in a fringe market.  I have no idea what’s going on there.

So, I have one more decision expected soon, then a bunch more waiting. 

Strategy here:  I missed my 3/1 deadline for the Book Doctors.  New deadline, 3/16.  So, no writing/revising short stories until then.  HOWEVER, I don’t want my queue to go to zero.  Therefore, I will chech out the Calendar on Duotrope and see if there are any places I can find a home for some of the returned stories.

As for that MSS due to the Book Doctors, I’m sitting at about 40% completed.

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HUZZAH!  I made the cut! 

Does this mean they like my novel?  Nope.  In fact, the first cut is made solely on the basis of a 300 word pitch.  And where did I learn to write a pitch?  I am glad you asked!  Pitchapalooza, run by The Book Doctors!

The next round is judged by a combination of my pitch and my excerpt.  The next cut is announced on the 20th of March.  This one is where they read the pitch plus your first 3-5k.

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

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It’s seriously crunch time here on the submission front.  ABNA comes out today.  Some markets have promised to render a decision before the end of the month, and Duotrope is starting to show responses from three of them.  I find myself synching the email more often, refreshing the feeds more often, and in general being distracted from my task of writing.

On the positive side, I have flensed about 3k from DOV, and might actually have a home for the excised material.  Nothing quite as joyous as finding a market for something you’d ordinarily be throwing out.

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Yeah, I foobed it with 3Day.  The good thing, though, is that I now have another universe, although a slightly cramped one, within which to write stories (see The Siren’s Consort in Bill’s Worlds).  A short story is currently out in a market, awaiting a decision.

The point here is I could be sitting around, sucking my thumb about whiffing at the 3DN contest.  Instead, I not only put one of the Molokai books into ABNA just now, but I entered a Riddled Space story for an annual award contest. 

It doesn’t matter how often you get knocked down, it matters how often you get back up.

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